Identifying Fonts with Identifont is a super cool, free, service for – you guessed it — identifying fonts.

You can start your search from a few places:

  1. Search by appearance
  2. Name
  3. Similarity
  4. By picture
  5. Or, by designer or publisher

I’ve only ever used option number one; search by appearance. Because usually I see a typeface somewhere, want to use it, and need to know the name. So I turn to Identifont to help me out.

Most recently I wanted to see what typeface was being used for the logo for CogniQ. CogniQ is nootropic tablet for optimal mental performance. But that’s neither or there, here is a cogniq review if you’d like more info. The important question is, what typeface do they use in their logo?

CogniQ logo

I usually start my search with a selection of the most distinctive characters. I’m going to start with the G and I. So enter those over at Identifont and see what you come up with. Or pick a typeface of your own.

I received the following results:

identifont results

Not perfect, but pretty close! Hope this is a useful tool in your type arsenal.

Sassline: A baseline typesetting tool for the web

Just a short post today to share an awesome new web type tool. I’ve just come across Sassline. It’s an great sass based tool for setting type on the web.

It removes a lot of headaches, like keeping a vertical rhythm, creating a responsive modular scale. If you’ve been setting type on the web for any length of time then you understand all the challenges that come with keeping things together on any size screen.

Everything is set in rems too. Beautiful. Check it out at the link above.

I’ve literally just started playing with it. I’m going to try redo the type on this site to see what the results and workflow is like. The site is focused on a herbal supplement that increases testosterone levels naturally. Not anything I’m into personally, but to each his own, it’s what the client wants. And the product spartagen xt might be another scam, but again, it’s not my business really. Or at least I’m keeping ethics aside on this one. Gotta pay the bills.

I Heart Typography

Thanks for checking out my site, Fonty Fresh, and welcome to my very first, launch post.

To kick things off, I want to share what for me is one of the top typography resources on the web;

I Love Typography logo

This site publishes a mountain range of information on all things typography. New typefaces, type terminology, type setting articles… Everything!

It also tends to showcase websites with beautiful typography, and I find it invaluable to immerse myself in good design, to soak some up and be inspired.

One of my latest projects is for a skin care cream call LifeCell, and I did my best to craft up a solid typographic rhythm, click here to check it out. And don’t critique too hard!

That’s it for the launch post. Get to perusing I Love Typography, and I’ll be back with a new post soon.